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This is the most used S.B panel that inserted and connected to an H-BEAM pillar. SANGJIN Gallery S.B Panel reduces the noises which are produced up to maximum sound point (the point that the sound is affected by the noise with maximum) from sound source. And the panel is super to noise reduction because it absorbs even the reflected sound from a S.B wall.

This enables to be installed even under any conditional sites and has super S.B effect because of the perfect sound analyzing system for front entry rate and the thickness of air bound.

The front panel is made by high strength aluminum (A5052, A5005), and the back panel is made by a galvanized steel which is resistant to corrosion. The sound-absorbing material is protected by fluoride resin film which is non-flammable. This uses an H-BEAM as a pillar. This endures the maximum 300kg/m 2 of the wind pressure. The up and low parts of panel are designed to be embossed, which prevents the sound sources from escaping. The light weight enables to be easily installed. And it is excellent to construction time and construction costs.


1. The front which the noise interferes is composed of galleries. It enhances sound-absorbing rate against the eradiated     noise.
2. The diverse colors can be expressed.
3. Performance per price is super.
4. The construct ability is so great and the diverse sizes can be produced from 400mm to 4500mm according to
    span length.
5. The front is made with 0.1T of aluminum, which has super rustproof.
6. The back panel is made with galvanized steel, which has super structural hardness by width-bending.
7. The sound-absorbing material canbe selected with glass wool or polyester.
8. This is passed through KS standard on sound-absorbing rate and transmission loss.
9. The whole products are assembled with rivets, which completes perfectly and shows high durability.
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